Patience is
the art of hoping
limited number of free seats hurry!
10sqm Draft space
Earn 5 additional sqm each time you share
Patience is a virtue
override people and limitation
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Unlimited Draft space
Unlimited guests
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"Draft space"?
A Draft is like a digital limitless sheet of paper. It can be as short as a bunch of notes or as big as an A0. 10sqm is like 10 A0 sheets, or nearly 40 blocs of classic sticky notes. So that's pretty big. And you can erase data so the space is re-usable as long as you want.
We think that is you you use that much space, then you'll be convinced about the value of Draft.
Unlimited Guests?
Draft is collaborative, you can give access to your Drafts to anyone by giving them a code. You can control what they can do so they can for instance take notes with you from their device. You can kick anyone out of your Draft in a single click anytime.
When collaborating, other services might charge you considering the number of coworkers you work with. On Draft one single paying user can create Drafts and make his whole team work with him without additional charges. Just because it's fair this way.
Is it cloud-only?
We also offer special licences for hardwares resellers, but we don't distribute them online.
If you want to know more, please contact partnership team.
Do you offer EDU plans?
Education matters to us. There's many thing that we could experiment in this area and we're opened to do it with you. If you have any idea or any project we could help in, please contact us. We're looking forward to working with you and your students!
What's the current best setup to use Draft?
It's best to use Draft on your laptop with a Chrome Browser for now. We have future plans for app, but we don't have specific date for the moment.
You can also use it e a big touch screen like the Surface Hub: it adapts automatically to touch hardwares and we have a fairly good experience on these devices. We're getting much more productive with tablets and smartphones but we're not quite there yet. But we are working on it. Reach us here if you want to get updated.