Discover what makes
unique :
Notes anywhere
Capture thoughts right on the spot so you don't let them fly away from your memory. Then enjoy great flexibility to reorganize them later or even move them to another Draft.
Flow mode
Let your notes pour at the speed of your thoughts. Just type ENTER and we'll create a new note for you: you don't have to break your flow: just keep on typing.
Drag&Drop Lists
Create Trello like visual lists with a simple drag . It's a very powerful and easy way to organize your data. Then navigate your lists with shortcuts, like to delete items of your todo.
Smart Ink
Draw between notes to link them MindMap style. Draw a rectangle around your content to group them in a visual way. Your brain performs better this way.
Work on Files
Files are not here just for storage. You can work on them. Like type notes or doodle anywhere to let feedback or ask questions about what you're seeing. Or present them wirelessly on every screens.
Handy Tabs
No matter what you're doing, you can always create a Draft with a single click and start a new project without waiting. And you can switch quickly between multiple open tabs.
No friction for your Guests
Anybody can join you in 5": that's the simplest sharing flow ever. Guests don't even need to create an account to work with you. And you can kick them out anytime if you need to go private again.
any content
visual notes
various diagrams
files & URLs
with ease